About Me

My name is Jess Albrecht and I am a Virtual Reality Arcade Support Manager and recent computer science graduate seeking work in the Seattle/Redmond/Bellevue area. I’m driven to learn, explore and succeed in the tech industry utilizing strong analytical and problem solving skills, growing positive and productive relationships, and educating myself and those around me to plant the seeds for a flourishing future. I’m currently passionate about improving and employing my computer science and analytical problem solving skills to solve and troubleshoot computer hardware and software issues.

Development Skills

I’m currently passionate about learning and utilizing Node.js to produce web applications and Unity/C# to produce 3D applications. I have previous school experience coding with Java, C, C#, C++, JavaScript and PHP to produce projects with Visual Studio, Intelij/Android Studio, QT/QML, OpenGL with Freeglut & Glew32, Drupal/WordPress, Unity, Git/SourceTree, RESTful API Use/Dev, and JQuery.

Virtual Reality and Management

For the last year I’ve been managing, maintaining and troubleshooting 13 HTC Vive virtual reality sets hardware and software for Virtual Sports in Tukwila, Washington. In doing so I’ve helped pioneer the process for executing large scale throughput and education of customers for the latest in virtual reality experiences. I’ve also gained valuable management experience through supervising 7+ employees, engaging customers, delegating tasks, checking on work quality, and handling tills. Virtual Sports serves 50+ customers daily and 100+ customers on weekends. I establish and maintain relations with those customers while identifying and addressing their needs. I’ve also collaborated with Software Developers; Reviewing feature design, networking availability, ease of use and access and consumer audience for the virtual reality market at Virtual Sports.

Throughout the year I’ve also helped produce multiple off-site marketing events with HTC Vives including the largest HTC Vive production ever with 37 Vive setups for the thousands of attendees at Century Link Field Event’s Center for GE2 Live 2017. These events required me to manage operations and schedules, troubleshooting, setup and tear down, communications, transportation, necessary materials and inventory, employees and volunteers, demonstrations, production, and marketing presence.

Drupal Site

Checkout my older drupal site that I’ve made either using the main link at the top or clicking the image below.